Thematic axis for the communications presentations

The communication proposals should be on topics related to the thematic fields on the different boards, which descriptors can be consulted hereunder:


Payments and formal requirements

Formal requirements

The communication proposals should be submitted before 0.00 of July 2, 2022 (1st deadline) and August 31, 2022 (2nd deadline), on Word format, through the accessible form in the Congress web page. Its reception will be confirmed through e-mail.

The proposal must include the communication title, author’s name, professional standing, institution to which he/she belongs, board to which ascribes and e-mail address through which the information exchanges with the organising committee will be made. In addition to these data, the proposal must include a clear, synthetic, structured and rigorous summary of the topic in which its objective, the specific topic to work on and the personal approach will be detailed, as well as the used methodology and a short scheme of the content. 3 to 5 key words will be also specified. The proposal length will not exceed the 3,000 characters, computing spaces. In addition, it will be answered if the communication oral defence will be done or not. The proposal will be accompanied by a short CV.

Before July 12, 2022 (1st deadline) and September 9, 2022 (2nd deadline), each of the proponents will receive an e-mail where whether if his/her proposal is accepted will be communicated. If the oral defence is accepted, the maximum amount of time for the exhibition will be given -no more than 8 minutes-. The proposal which are not chosen for its oral defence can be admitted, however, as written communications, if they meet the requirements for it.

Exceptionally, communications submitted time-barred can be admitted, depending on the interest and quality of the proposal. It cannot be guaranteed, in these cases, the proposals summary publication of the Pre-Minutes nor the possibility of oral defence.

Material content and evaluation

The Scientific Committee will value the proposals taking into account the following criteria:

  • Belonging to the chosen topic.
  • Proposal formulation, methodology and developed outline quality.
  • Originality of the proposal.
  • Author’s personal contribution to scientific knowledge and debate.



The complete text of the communication will be evaluated again, following the same criteria. The selected communications will be published, either in a prestigious editorial or in an electronic publication, if the author wants so. Only communications by those registered on time on the Congress will be published.

The communication provisional text must be sent before October 13, through the Congress web page accessible form. The final text, which should match substantially with the provisional one, should be submitted in the two weeks after the Congress celebration, before October 28. The final decision on its acceptance to publication will be communicated before November 18.

Technical specifications

Papers should be presented in an a Word computer file, with Times New Roman font, size 12 (footnote 10) and spacing 1.5. It cannot be more than twenty pages, including notes. The paper should be headed by its title, centred and in capital letters. Under the paper’s title it should be indicated, also centred, the author’s name, its professional or academic condition and the University or Organisation to which he/she belongs. The internal divisions of the paper will be done exclusively with Arabic figures. There should be no summary at the beginning of the paper. The quotes style rules will be published on the web, after consensus with the publisher.

Failure to comply with the form requirements will result in the automatic rejection of the communication for publication.


All accepted communications, no matter if orally defended or not, can be considered for the award. Its valuation will correspond to the scientific and organising committees.

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